Network Shares

Hi All,

I’ve installed Comodo Unite on two PCs. The PCs are Win7 with one at home while the other is at the office. Both are logged into Unite using separate login accounts. I created a network on the home account and had the office account join it.

When I used Hamachi and the computers are connected, I’m able to browse each other’s PC on the Network group and see the shared folders. With Unite, this is not possible. Is there a setting that I need to set in Unite?


EDIT: Ok, so I thought I’d give it a try by logging into each PC using the same login. Well, that worked but why not when it’s two different logins? When I joined from the office pc to the network that I created, I had the Enable VPN box checked, yet I can’t see the network folder shares when they are connected.

So how does one allow network folder sharing to other users on the joined network?

EDIT2: Dang it. It started working now. Please disregard this post.