Network rules

I’ve just been reading about Network rules here. I haven’t got a home network, just a single computer on a cable modem connected directly to my ISP. As far as I can tell, only two rules are needed for me. These would be:

Allow - IP Out - [Any] - [Any] - WHERE IPPROTO IS ANY
Block (and log) - IP In - [Any] - [Any] - WHERE IPPROTO IS ANY

Is that correct?


If you just have the one computer the default rules are fine.


thought I’d move this Q here as this thread seems more appropriate…

@mike or egemem

Q. about the updater feature - in this and future releases via the updater capability, will this import any new ‘default’ network rules associated with the newer release? - I noticed recently that when attempting an update from a previous stable release to the last (2.3.4.x) stable release, there was no update to the network rules, even though a ‘clean’ install of 2.3.4.x would create the 4 or 5 default rules as introduced with that release

alternatively, is there a page or site where one can view the default network rules associated with a given release, so as to periodically check one’s own rules against the defaults of the day




Yes rules should be added in future. I think it was because 2.3 used Comodo’s own installer instead of Installshield, so when updating the old installer is used instead of the new one if you were reinstalling.

There is no page that lists all the current rules, but searching / asking on the forums will help you find the default rules.


Hello Mike

The thing is that I’ve been altering and trying things in order to understand rules and the workings of the firewall and I’m no longer sure how the default rules were defined. :slight_smile: Are the ones I have in place at present the defaults …or at least OK?



If you’re using the latest version ( there are six default rules. I’ve posted a screenshot of the default rules, and criteria.

It’s important the rules are in the order shown. The two rules you mentioned were default for and are fine, but the additional rules add more security and fix some issues with viewing images online.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Thankyou very much Mike. I’ll keep a copy of that.


You’re welcome. Glad I could help. :wink:


Hi Mike,

I’ve just updated to the latest CPF, and my rules didn’t update or change. I only have 4: two I created a while back for my home network “trusted” zone, and the two original default ones.

How does one get the updated/correct default rules? Do I need to manually create them to match your screenshot? Or do I need to completely remove and reinstall?

Thanks for your informative posts.



You will need to reinstall to add the new rules as updating does not add them due to the new installer. In future versions they will be updated.

However, you can also copy the rules from my screenshot. Either way you will get the required default rules, it just depends on which is the easier option for you.


thanks for your previous reply

just to be totally clear then,
given that we’re now onto the new installer with the latest stable release…

if, for example, I (maybe accidentally or otherwise) delete one of the default rules (and it still applies in a future release)
will the next update cycle to the next release reinstate that rule?

presumably the update cycle will NOT affect any rules I have created myself…??

thanks again



I’m not totally sure about this. I suspect just new rules will be added, but your own rules and deleted rules won’t be affected.

You should contact egemen / umesh on the forums as they are from the CPF team. They can give you a better answer to this than I can.


thanks Mike

@egemem, umesh - what’s the scoop on network rules and version updgrades

cheers in advance


Updates do not touch your configurations. Whatever the configuration before will still be the same after the updates.


hmm, that’s a pity

can I suggest a common/fixed webpage where you can go to see the latest versions’ default network rules then - just so you can check you haven’t done anything silly… ???

what do you think?

I have CPF

I’m looking to confirm my Network Monitor settings, but I do not see any screenshot as per Mike’s post « Reply #5 on: September 10, 2006, 11:56:17 am » (,2294.msg18008.html#msg18008).

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


Hi,it’s there. Did you click on cpf_rules.png and save to your computer?

I do not see cpf_rules.png anywhere in this topic. I do not find it when I search on cpf_rules.png on this site. I also do not find it if I search on the page. I also do not find it if I search on the “View Source” for the page. (Even a Google search comes up empty handed :slight_smile: ).

Can you provide the exact URL to the image?




At the bottom of my post - above my signature - you should see the screenshot. You need to click on the name part of this (cpf_rules.PNG) and it will open up.
Click here to go to post

It is there. If you can’t see it and you have any ad blockers, try again with these off.

There is no URL for this image as it was an image uploaded to the forums from my computer.


Thanks! Got it now.