Network Rules Question?.

After doing a clean reinstall of Comodo CIS to version 3.13.126709.581 I was restting my trusted applications and opened the Network Rules facet. I noticed that I have just got a Loopback Zone [ /] in there but no mention of a Local Area Network #1 at all. It is not something I have noticed before and I seem to be connecting to the internet ok. I was sure that I had a LAN#1 before but this may have been when I shared this connection with my son and we had two computers on this broadband connection.

Now I only have the one PC at home. My system is Win XP Home SP3 and I have a Virgin Media broadband connection via a cable modem and Fast Ethernet connection with no router. Should I add a LAN#1 to my Network Rules?. I have always set a specific Allow and Log rule regarding ports 67 and 68 which my IP uses to renew my address but noticed since reinstalling that it is being logged nearly every 2-3 minutes. Does this seem excessive to anyone and could this have to do with me not having a LAN#1 Network Rule?.

can’t understand why there is no reply to this. This must mean it is either so stupid a question that it isn’t worth an explanation or it is so hard that it defies an explanation. I have done a search on LAN’s and am even more confused now. Surely some one can tell me if I need a Local Area Network connection to work alongside the Loopback Zone or is the default Loopback Zone adequate and I don’t need a LAN#1?

Are you sure the firewall is on? Try changing to custom mode, also under Misc>manage my configurations, choose the Proactive mode. It may start asking questions about networks etc.

Hope this helps.


I am using the proactive mode everything is on and working. I can surf the net and do everything my PC is supposed to do. What I seem to see with other users is in My Network Connections they have the Loopback Zone at the top and underneath they have a Local Area Network #1 Zone while in mine I only have the Loopback Zone. Everything seems to be working so maybe I don’t need a LAN zone. I just thought that someone here could tell me yes or no.

When you are not using a router you are not needing a LAN zone as you directly connect to your cable provider. The LAN zone usually comes in play with a router in between.

You can use the LAN zone to define a Trusted Local Network with the Stealth Ports Wizard. But since you are not sharing a connection nor using a router the LAN zone is of no use.

Let us know if you are experiencing any problems surfing or getting an IP address.

No, no problems ErichJH, thanks for the answer, which has confirmed my own feelings.