Network rule for windoze media player 11

I can’t listen to streams on media player. I’ve searched the forums but there is no answers. Anyone know how to get the ■■■■■■ working?


You should not need a specific rule. On mine works fine with the default rules.

There could be 2 reasons of this problem:

  1. Bad installation of WMP 11. or

  2. Bad installation of CF.

If the WMP worked before upgrading it at v.11 is probably a bad installation of the windows media player.
ps.I have seen this on a computers friend and the only way to fix it was reinstalling windows. He didn’t had System restore activated and new installations of WMP did not fix the problem

I agree. I know many who have, “including myself and my son and wife” WMP 11 and CPF and it works great. I would agree with Pandlouk and say bad Windows install. If you are using URGE, I URGE you, lol, to look into things a bit as it really messes with the pc in general. I would uninstall Urge and try then. I hate to ask the obvious but are you sure you don’t have a volume function on mute? The little speaker icon, advanced controls? I need much more information as “no offense” you left this wide open. Did it work with previous WMP? did you have WMP before? Is it only with WMP 11? Do you have urge installed? Can you see video? I would assume XP OS? Sorry for all the questions but more info, the better an answer I can give.