Network Problem

I’ve got Windows 7 Ultimate and VMware Workstation 7 and after updating to latest Comodo free I have a network problem with only the virtual machines. I never had the problem with earlier versions of Comodo. I connect VMs with a bridged network. All physical machines are visible and accessible. The VMs are accessible from physical machines but the physical machines are not visible from the VMs. If I disable Comodo on host everything works. I can’t find any faults and am not familiar with customizing Comodo. Any help on this annoyance would be appreciated. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo and it’s still a problem.

Can you connect successfully under NAT settings, is your firewall in custom policy or safe ? You may need to enable a specific network port for VMWare to allow the connection. What are your firewall settings ?

I couldn’t connect with NAT, ICS or Host Only network either. I tried resetting defaults in VMware also with no change. Everything was working fine before upgrading Comodo to latest version. I’ve never had to make any custom settings for this before.

Clean your Firewall logs and then Open VMware - see if the dashboard reports anything as being blocked under Network Intrusions. It could be blocking something in VMware or the network adapters ?