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hi ive just recently installed comodo firewall pro. all seems good so far but i have one question,
i deleted all the rules in network monitor and ive added my own using the ‘definate a new trusted network’ wizard. but i never really looked bak at the default network monitor rules. do i need them?

Hi Dark_Turtle, welcome to the forums.

Yes, the Network Monitor rules are very important. Some of them, vital. Depending on how you answered the wizard, you should have between 5 & 8 rules. The 1st rule is the main Out allow rule & the final rule is the final block & log in rule to stop unsolicited incoming calls. There are some other rules (ICMP stuff), to allow echo & some things. Do you not have any rules?

thx 4 the welcome =]

is there any way to get the original settings back?
i have 2 rules which were added by the wizard which allows access to my network.

by the way im finding this firewall very superb! i had a bit of resistance trying this firewall out because it was ‘free’, ive basically tried all firewalls out there. and i have 2 say, this has probably got to be the best. i use it incombine with nod32.

Glad you like the firewall. Wait until you see CFP3. :slight_smile: CFP & NOD32 are a good combination.

Unfortunately, our search engine is broken… so I can’t find any posts with the Default NM rules displayed. If you only have 2 rules (the Zone rules), then you are missing some very important rules. Without the final Block & Log rule on inbound connections, then your system is accepting all unsolicited connection attempts (not a good thing).

I cannot show your the rules that should be there (perhaps someone else can?) since I’m currently running the new CFP3 Alpha (it doesn’t have these NM rules any more). So, unless someone else can post the default Network Monitor rules for you, I would recommend re-installing CFP & ensure NOD32 is disabled during CFPs installation (just in case NOD32 stopped the creation of the default rules… some how).

kk thx for your help, yep ill reinstall it because i like this firewall.
i deleted the NM rules myself. nod32 didnt conflict with the installation at all.

Hey Dark_Turtle,

If you haven’t uninstalled CFP yet, you may not need to. All original Network rules are listed in a post within this Tutorial Compilation thread (which, IMO, is good to bookmark…),6167.0.html

There are also explanations of building new network rules, how the layered rulesets of CFP work, and so on. Lot of good stuff.


Hey Dark_Turtle

Here you go a screenshot of the network rules!
rules 0,1 and 7 are added by me others are not changed at all! You can make them according to the “criteria”


[attachment deleted by admin]

lol i was JUST about to reinstall then but lucky i decided to check the forum again.
thx guyz :SMLR appriciate it.

No problem; glad to help. Let us know how it goes for you.