Network Monitor/ Application Control Issues

This is my first post to the forum and I want to say that I think the firewall is an excellent program. Very nice interface and easy to customize. I have tried literally dozens of the other free firewalls but I always seem to come back to Comodo. However, I have been seriously fustrated lately with a couple of issues:

  1. First, sometimes I get an error message stated the computer is not fully protected. I check the firewall setup and find the Network Monitor is “off”, I cannot manually turn it back on and the Protection Strength is showing “Bad” instead of “Excellent”. Sometimes a quick restart solves the problem.
  2. Second, it seems the Application Control doesn’t remember the applications I allowed in the program. I constantly have to click remember and allow in the pop-up dialog. The program is still set to Custom and Default settings with Component in learning mode. There are also some blank entries listed with no details attached.
    I have tried numerous settings and tried several different versions including the two latest Beta versions with no relief. So right now I had to ditch Comodo and revert back to my old Sygate Program. I would like to give Comodo another shot though.
    Thanks for any help and keep up the good work!

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
The only time I have had the issues with the firewall putting itself to allow all and that i was not able to change it, was when i tried to install it without reboot after uninstall of the previous version. Now, I reboot after uninstall and use a registry cleaner (Easycleaner and/or CCleaner) before the new install.
I really don’t know what it can be other than that.
Good luck with your next try with comodo. ;D

Thanks for the quick reply!
Yeah, I always do a clean installation when I want to install any program after an uninstallation. I run CCleaner and RegSeeker a couple of times along with a couple of reboots before I install anything. I also close down any programs that are running in the background.
Just a quick update though, I really wanted to try Comodo again so much that I installed the latest Beta version. It adds some nice features too! So Far So Good! I was oh so close to installing Jetico, but decided against it.(Thankfully)
Thanks again.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Good luck with Comodo Firewall Pro. ;D

Well I installed the current Beta version, everything was going good for a couple of days and I thought I had solved my problem but lo and behold I ran into the same problem also with this version!
All the monitors under Security Monitoring were turned “Off” (Application, Component, Network, Application Behavior Analysis) and the protection strength was designated as “BAD”. I constantly have to restart the Firewall to be protected.
I’m baffled and fustrated with this problem and don’t know what to do!

Maybe you should submit a support ticket?

It could be some other security software you are using…
It’s really difficult to say…