Network intrusions

Please forgive me. I’m not well-versed in firewall lingo.

I’ve been using Comodo Firewall (free version) for many years.

It seemed as though I hadn’t been getting those pop-ups for awhile eg. system asking to connect to the internet. Usually, when I check, I have 0 intrusions. Today, I have 200+ and the ip address is that of the computer I’m on. This led me to think back that I might have blocked a request over a month ago and inadvertently blocked my own computer. The only ip address in the list of network intrusions is identical to the ip address in my router information for my primary browsing laptop. The destination port is always 2869. The application is system.

How do I undo this? I’m in Safe Mode currently.

What version of CIS do you have installed? Is the host IP address fixed or assigned dynamically? Check the network connection TCP/IP properties.

What is the IP protocol, e.g., TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, and what are the source / destination IP addresses?

Thanks for responding.

Sometimes, I’m hardwired to my browsing laptop but when I’m downloading on my other laptop, I’m connected wirelessly to the laptop in question. Not sure if that is even relevant. Also, my android tablet and android phone would not connect [at home] to the internet until I modified my settings using a static ip address (the ip addresses in my router interface) although mine is dynamically set. I made those changes many months ago. It’s probably not relevant but…

[ol]- v 7.0.317799.4142.

  • IP address is obtained automatically.

  • Source IP:

  • Destination IP: (ip of my laptop)[/ol]

ETA: It’s TCP.

That port is meant for:

Microsoft Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), SSDP Discover Service, Microsoft Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), Microsoft Event Notification

IANA registered for: ICSLAP

Assuming is the other laptop then it is most likely one or more of the above services active.

EricJH, I’m not understanding your post. Do you mean I should be using another port? I’m not sure how my accidentally blocking system affects the port or is it an altogether separate issue?

I added TCP as my protocol to my previous post, I forgot to add it earlier.

None of my laptops, desktops, devices are assigned That’s the router’s default ip address.

Are you getting alerts, or is the number of intrusions going up without alerts?

I have not gotten an alert in over a month. I had 200+ intrusions earlier when I’d checked with no alerts. I’m not sure how to check earlier times. But, I haven’t had new intrusions since October 19.

There must be a block rule for System then.

I was confused if you were talking about the situation where you were hooked up with your other laptop or with the router.

I found another topic about this subject:

It.s normal traffic

Do you normally get alerted for incoming traffic when you are using your computer?

You probably blocked the incoming traffic and did not tell to remember your setting. Then for the Windows session the router broadcasts will be blocked. So after rebooting your computer the blocking stops.

Both laptops are connected to the router. Currently, one hard-wired and one wirelessly. They’re side-by-side.

How would I go about unblocking these?

I remember I used to get alerts daily or almost daily about system wanting to connect to the internet and sometimes this would happen when I opened my second laptop.

I have not rebooted my browsing laptop (with the problem) in probably 6 weeks at least.

First try rebooting the laptop and see if you get alerts again. Then you would most likely not see traffic from your router and other computers being blocked.

What is the problem as you see it? Is it that that you are missing functionality of sharing between laptops or just the idea of having intrusions? I don’t think it is wise of Comodo to speak of intrusions. Instead they could use a more neutral term like blocked connection attempts.