Network i do not recognise

In my network zones I have a network I do not recognise with IP I googled it and saw

It is a whois IP. What is this, how did it get there and should i remove it from my network zone? Will removing it remove any security risk it causes.

I tracked it to but how would they be in muy network zones?

This article may help.

The 169.254.x.x network is a private network. The address range is given when your network adapter is enabled and configured for DHCP but there are no DHCP server available.

Hope this helps


Thank you. read the link but do not understand. are you saying it is OK to have it?

Windows will assign an IP address in the 169 range when it doesn’t see a network it can connect to. By default Windows will look for a DHCP server to obtain an IP address from.

Sometimes it gets assigned when booting and the network connector has not been released by Windows or the firewall. That can cause the assignment of the IP address in the 169 range.

In other situations it can also mean there is a problem with the network adapter or cable.

So it is not a security risk then. Thanks for that EricJH :slight_smile: