Fellow users-

I’m in dire need of someone’s help starting the Comodo v. firewall. I’m a first time user and just finished installing Comodo (basic just FW) w/o any errors and with AV disabled. Once my computer restarts after the install process, I open up Comodo and inside the system status area it says “The network firewall is not functioning properly”. I tried reinstalling it multiple times, but no luck. I ran Comodo diagnostics and it can not fix the problem. I’ve attached the output to this email. Can anyone help? My last resort will be to use the Windows FW and I rather not go down that dark alley. Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated! I also removed the new MS Security Update (KB951748).


XP Pro 2k2
Service Pack 2
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 5200+
2.60 GHz, 2 GB RAM

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First of all no need for caps. Secondly there is no av with Comodo. Did you mean D+? The benefits with D+ are great and should be used. What other security programs are you running? Before reinstall Comodo you need to COMPLETELY remove your version. Sounds like a bad install. I use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot, don’t and delete the left over registry and program entries it finds.

Sorry for the caps. By AV, I mean I installed with my Anti-Virus app disabled. I don’t think its a bad install b/c I don’t get any errors.

Ok well I am trying to help you. Is the network defense working properly now? What other security program are you using again I might ask.

Thanks. Your help is appreciated.

I’m running Avira AntivirAnti-Virus Program. I used to run Zone Alarm, but have already cleared the registry keys and related folders. I followed the instructions given on the Comodo forum to remove ZoneAlarm. Maybe it has something to do with the MS updates? I know MS just pushed a bunch of updates onto my computer. The window firewall is the only firewall that works now.

Did you try my advice?

Looks like a corrupted installation to me as well. Not receiving any errors doesn’t mean it’s not a bad install, just harder to track what’s conflicting with it.

Ensure that CFP 3 (for XP 32-bit) was downloaded from the official site:

Here’s a related thread from the FAQ:

He!!o ZARK…

Befor downloading CFP3, SHUT DOWN all your Internet Securities. After downloading CFP3, install it then before restarting your PC, run Disk Cleanup then proceed to restarting your system.

I hope this technique will help.