network drive support ?

Does 3.017 support backup to external removable network drive? I have not tested it yet. If not, are there other version that do?

I recently purchased Paragon backup and recovery suite 10. So far it is not very friendly :-TD, nor have I got it to work correctly. Program seems to have a lot of issues, documentation is poor and online forums are not helpful. Looks like a nice backup recovery software but with many issues. A tech form paragon is to login again (second time) today and see if he can get anywhere. Yesterday, he logged into my machine for 20-30min dose not seem to work.

Yes it does.


After selecting my network drive, when it runs, seems like it is switching to local drive… not all time… not sure yet…

It is looking like when creating a backup, it first writes to the network drive(when you click next), but in the scheduled backup it backups to local drive. I must not be saving setting correctly?

It will backup to the location you set in backup step 2.