Network Control Rule problem, and how to block sites. [resolved]

I installed the Comodo Firewall Pro on my Windows XP Home version machine. I am not able to understand Network Rules, why did’t work as expected. Don’t know its a bug in CPF or I made some mistake.

Here is the summary of rules I created:

ID 0: I created a “Allow” rule to communicate with DNS server on port 53. (it works as expected)
ID 1: Created a “Allow” rule to communicate with ( (it works as expected)
ID 2: Created a “Block” rule to not communicate with
(While adding this rule I specified in “Destination IP” tab, Host Name as, my intention is to stop all traffic with, since has multiple IPs associated we can’t stop visiting based on their many IPs)
ID 3: All other TCP/UPD In/OUT traffic is allowed

I expect that my machine should be able to view all sites along with except
I am able to resolve DNS queries, able to visit, but not able to visit any other site. Since I created a rule (ID 2) to BLOCK, CPF takes’s IP as a range and block lot of other sites also.

My machine’s Network Control Rules screen shot is attached.

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Unfortunately, with this set of rules you’ve made your machine vulnerable to any tcp/udp inbound attack. You should restore the default rules. The last rule should allways be Block IP in/out.

You can then add the rule to block yahoo if you want to, and put it above any other rule. You don’t have to make additional rules to allow access to any web site, since it’s taken care with the default rules (allow TCP/UDP outbound). You can only leave the rule you’ve made for your DNS server if you’re having some problems.

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You should change the last rule to block & log.

The Yahoo rule should be IP Out

The ICMP rules you have block on, should be above the allow rule for ICMP if you want to block them.
Rules are read from top to bottom.

Thanks for your reply but it did’t solve my problem. I want to block but when I Block it, CPF also block all other sites, as I said (I believe so) CPF entertains the yahoo’s IP as a ‘range of IP’

As you can see in the screen shot attached in original post, it allows visiting as it rule appears above yahoo’s block rule.

In short, could you suggest how to block visiting via CPF control rules?

First you NEED TO PUT BLOCK on the last ( ID 8 ) rule!!!
You are in danger!

You don’t need that allow Comodo rule, since all out is allowed.

Now, you can make your Yahoo rule.
Go to Network monitor (security/network monitor).
Right click on your ID 0 rule and add/add before.
Do these settings.

Action : Block
Protocol : IP
Direction : Out
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Host Name :
IP Details : Any

Change the last rule to Block IP in/out

Set rule to block Yahoo:
Action: Block
Protocol: TCP/UDP (or IP, as AOwL suggested)
Direction: Out
Source: Any
Destination: (host name:)

Try to set the two rules for ICMP in (where message is time exceed and fragmentation) to Allow

Run the Define a new trusted network wizzard (Security/tasks).

Put the rule for DNS servers on top, rule to block yahoo bellow it, and the rule Block IP in/out at the bottom of the list.

And if this doesn’t work either, try to temporary turn off the Network monitor, just to be sure that the problem isn’t caused by something else ;D

Thanks AOwL & Bubu74 for your valuable suggestion and time.

I restored the default ‘Network Control Rules’ and added the new rule at top to block the “” and it worked. I was able to visit all sites except as required. But I am still able to visit all other yahoo sites that have names like (, etc)

Therefore, in my settings earlier, I used (in Destination IP tab - hostname) “” without www. And I found that it blocked lot of sites other then yahoo also.

I have attached the screen shot showing my present Network Control Rules. It shows the and a range of IPs taken automatically.

Have any idea how to block the complete

Thanks again!

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I would just add a new rule for every site I wanted to block.
and so on…

I think there is programs out there that doesn’t do anything else than block sites, so you can try to find one that seems good.
Another user may have any suggestions.

Just using instead of blocks many other sites too, so change that rule if you don’t want to do that.

Ok, you seems right, I need to look for some other solution besides Comodo Firewall for blocking sites. Its not a wise solution to manually put rules to block each subdomain like

Since Comodo provides IP based blocking it should also provide some domain based blocking, I hope they provide this feature in their coming/future versions.

Thanks for your time and efforts replying me. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

No problem, we’re always glad to help!

You’re welcome.
Good luck with your site-blocking.

I will put resolved on this thread and lock it, since you now got an answer how to block sites with network monitor.
Feel free to start a new thread if you got any more questions.