Network Control Rule cannot only change the description ( X32)

Network Control Rule cannot only change the description
click Apply button, the description message NOT changed.

Change the description must change other any setting together.

Sorry for my bad english.

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I confirm this (Network Security Policy - Application & Global Rule Description). Clicking on a tab will force CFP into realising the description has been changed.


The above work-around method only works once. Any subsequent changes using that method do not work. So far, I can only get it to work by ticking or un-ticking the Log field to force the Description change on Apply. Not very satisfactory, since you need to re-edit the rule to put the Log field back to what is was in the first place just to change the Description of a rule.

Comodo v3.0.25.378 x32

Same problem. Workaround works, but it really should be fixed. Seems there are a lot of bugs regarding Application rules.

This bug is more serious. It affect not only the description field, but also the destination port field. I didn’t check other fields, but more might be affected.

This bug has been fixed in CIS beta3.