Network Bridge Problems


I am running Windows Vista with a network bridge between my wireless, which connects to home router, and lan network cards, which connects to an IP phone via a crossover cable. The computer obtains an address from the home router, while the IP phone is assigned a static address.

I recently tried the COMODO firewall and it blocks access to my IP phone. I have tried a variety to settings, and searched the forums. When I turn the firewall off the phone can still not connect to the internet until COMODO is uninstalled.

The setup between the computer, IP phone, LAN, and internet works flawlessly when COMODO is uninstalled, or when using zone alarm instead of COMODO

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Did CIS automatically detect your private home network? If so, it should be in Firewall > My Network Zones.
Then you could go to Firewall > Stealth Ports Wizard > and select the first choice to block everything, but trust only your home network.

Yes, my private home network is detected automatically.

My IP phone is still unable to obtain a connection, I have tried everything :-\

The phone is assigned a static local IP address of, I was able to open up the DNS ports for this IP address and the phone appears to make connection to the appropriate DNS server, but can not make any other required connections.

I set the logging level to high, and did not receive any notifications of blocked packets. I also disabled the firewall but could still not connect. Uninstalling was the only solution that allowed the network bridge to function as expected.

Any other suggestions? Any reason outside of the basic firewall settings why this is not working? Thanks