network administrator rights

hello…comodo easy vpn really good program…I used hamachi but started using comodo now…I have a problem… am using this program for playing games…ı created game network and all my friends join the network…but ı can not banned some users which are not follow the rules…ı couldnt see administor panel in network section and not have delete or banned button…
please explain how can I delete unwanted players in my created network?

Hi Levan,

This feature is not yet available in this version, but it’s high on all users wishlist :wink:
I think next release will show such feature, for now there is only one solution, create a new network without those users… :-\

thanks for reply ronny…if you do this feature,comodo will be a very nice program…I follow you, good luck

Well I’m just a volunteer moderator, not Comodo Staff so I can’t change the code on my own :wink:
But we have been pushing for this so I hope it will make it in next release.

thanks ,ı have one more question:
how many players/ users can join one created network?

That’s a good question, I don’t think I know the answer to that.
What numbers are you thinking 10, 20, 50, 100?

for example in hamachi : 256 players max … ı also want 300 player at least

Yes, it would be good to know at what point (if any) any network degradation does occur. Could you test it? :slight_smile:

edit: BTW what’s the game(s)?

ı tested a lot of time in hamachi and I post you a nfsu2 network photo,you can see the total players and online

Currently Unite has no limitation on users number in one network, and it has webpage to manage your networks as administrator.

You could remove users you do not wanted in Comodo Unite manage site,
If you could not get access to this site, please check with you admin if they allow it in firewall.

thanks for the good news. ;D