Netscape 9.0

I’m a bit tempted to try the good (?) old Netscape Navigator. I used it back in, hum, 1998? Remember the difficulties of getting my homepage to look perfect both in IE and Netscape…

It’s built on Firefox, which is not bad. On the other hand… the replica is never as good as the original. At least not in this case, if Firefox addons don’t work, then I see no point in using Netscape.


To my knowledge, the Firefox addons do work under netscape, however I prefer to use just Firefox.

Netscape (based on Firefox ) is more or less Firefox under a different name. There are some differences though:

  • Some tab functions are included as standard that would have to be added to Firefox using a tab extension.

  • A ‘Mini Browser’ that can be opened to the left of the main Window. This is more or less a way of having a split window showing two different pages.

  • A ‘Link Pad’. Links dragged to it (or to an icon that represents it when the pad is closed) from a page stay there for later viewing. A sort of quick way of making a bookmark.

Like Firefox, the toolbar presentation can be customized by using extensions (Compact Menu - Colorful Tabs) and by adding code to the ‘userChrome.css’ file. All Firefox extensions I’ve tried work with Netscape. I feel it may be a bit faster at loading pages than Firefox. It comes with the ‘WeatherBug’ extension installed by default. This can be uninstalled or disabled.

All in all, as good as Firefox …but then I suppose it would be since it’s based on it.

Thanks for your info.

So it seems to be quite a good browser. My nostalgic thought was only for a while though, I’ll stay with Firefox.


dont even try it and waste your time just I did, I thought it’ll be something truned out to be a dog, you have weather bug installed and God only knows what else, if you want a good Browser try the new opera Beta, now thats realy good