Netop Remote Control? [Resolved]

I searched but didn’t find anything relevant -

I am trying to use Netop Remote Control for remote access to my office or home PC from the other. Netop Remote Control uses port 6502 for communication. I’ve tried allowing the Netop Remote Control executable unlimited in/out access in Comodo Personal Firewall and I’ve tried allowing port 6502 but am still unable to connect to the other PC via Netop. Comodo Personal Firewall is not displaying a pop-up box on the host computer, so I’m not sure why it’s still blocking Netop.

I had ZoneAlarm working with Netop prior to uninstalling and trying Comodo Personal Firewall. If I uninstall Comodo Personal Firewall, Netop Remote Control works fine. Windows Firewall is off and disabled.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


Hi and welcome at the forums. (:WAV)

You have to create a rule at the “network monitor”. Use the following rule:

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP/UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your computers internal IP adress if you are behind a router (or “Any” )
Source port = Any
Remote port = 6502

Then move this rule up above the default block rules

Thanks for the info. That worked. My mistake earlier was not placing the NetOp Remote Control rule above the default block rule.


You’re welcome