Netmeter - No network interfaces to monitor

Hi, I’m new to Comodo, and have searched the forums but couldn’t see or understand anything that might be related to this.

I have updated to the latest release of Comodo firewall 3.5.53896.424 (64 bit), though I had this problem with the previous version I installed during the week.

Basically I run Netmeter (freeware from here | ReadError) which suddenly isn’t detecting any traffic. When I try and select the network interface for it to monitor, my PC network card is not shown in the list. Only All Interfaces and Dial-Up interfaces (see screenshot).

I can’t see anything being blocked in the rules, but am not really sure where to look. Uniinstalling Comodo brings the list of network interfaces back. I have also set Netmeter as a trusted application.

Has any one any ideas please? I am on Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Thanks.

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I never got it to work. Had to go use DUMeter instead.