netdrive on winxp - strange operation now

As with other programs that comodo wanted to sandbox, I selected to not isolate this again, exited and restarted netdrive (the novell version on winxp). netdrive does FTP to a remote location and lets you handle files on a pseudo drive.
I turned off sandbox, turned off defense - didn’t matter. It looks like something in comodo is going to check out every file on the remote site for viruses. Not a bright move when there are gigabytes of data out there and I just want to read/write a few files here and there.

Is there a fix for this or do I just need to disable comodo so it doesn’t take the next 4 weeks sucking down tons of data to check? Thanks.

CIS does not permanently trust files on removable drives, nor files on network drives. This was originally because files were identified by path, and so one coud not be sure they were the same file. Now files are identified by hash we hope this restriction will be lifted in future versions.

I have wondered whether environment variables might be used as a work-around. Define an envirnment varable to store the network path (in whole or part) in my computer properties. Then refer to it thus %variablename% in CIS D+ rules.

Alternatively ask for the file to be whitelisted here.

Best wishes