Netbios deactivation seemingly impossible?

Hello, and many thanks in advance to any and all help. Very much appreciated.
I have had a glut of Netbios com traffic being blocked by the f/w and I have read that the best solution is to disable Netbios.
I read the thread by Toggie but when I went to disable same Netbios, I couldn’t locate the Networking tab that Toggie spoke of after I right click the internet connection. :frowning:

I don’t know who Toggie is supposed to be, and i don’t see the point in disabling Netbios as long as rpc (port 135) and netbios ports (137-139) are effectively stopped by the firewall: it is enough to let the firewall do the job, of course unchecking netbios alerts, as they might be quite tedious.

Moreover, totally disabling netbios could get you in big trouble not only on LAN configurations, but also with some applications locally communicating to port 137: i think it better to just build (CFP 2.4) 3 network rules (one for each protocol, tcp, icmp, ip) confining ports 135 to 139 only to the local network.

If you still want to disable netbios, it is very easy as long as you have administrator rights:

Hi lostincyberspace :slight_smile:

rather disable “NetBIOS over TCP/IP” function via your system’s hardware manager

should be enough for the moment…and/or for your problem ?!..


if not, why not simply search this board for my old “cmd” script recommendation and advanced sys hardening?

Disabling NetBIOS might indeed make your PC more secure, but the “standard” way is not always the right way.

By the way, you can do a security check on your NetBIOS security here (at the very bottom of that page):