needed the vast change

i have been using CPM for more than 1 year…but now i feel it needs a vast change…

  1. when CPM shows remaining file and registry, its hard to look up full path name… if CPM shows the remaining files and registry in new window, it will be great

  2. reminding of updates and vulnerabilities features will be great …( i wish comodo integrates SECUNIA in CPM)

  3. when CPM doesnt monitors the program or there is no DB monitor for the program … adding the feature for scanning remaining files and registry will be great…this way user will wont be doomed and giving easy option in CPM to report about such program to the developers will be easy way…

  4. one problem i face usually from CPM is that it tries to remove unrelated program… (once when i tried to remove bing bar , it tries to uninstall whole windows live messenger and another case when i tried to remove vlc player, it tries to remove auslogic registry cleaner too… )

so providing option to removing certain sub program of the program must be available… and showing all the related sub program of a program in a certain structure like tree will be nice