Need Visual Studio Backgrounddownloader.exe work around?

I’ve searched google and these forums, I can’t seem to find a solution.

As Visual Studio Background Downloader seems to generate a temp file every time, Comodo always pops up with the request to access the internet.

Has anybody found a work around or solution to permanently allow the application to access the outside world?

Thanks for your time.

Add background downloader to HIPS rules and set it the the installer or updater ruleset, and make sure you have trust files installed by trusted installers enabled in file rating settings.

Thanks, I’ve done that now, I only added the one that is the Visual Studio folder to the ‘Installer or Updater’ rule set, not the ones I allowed that were in TMP folders, and I doubled checked, I do have ‘Trusted Installed’ ticked.

I assumed it was creating a temp executable of a temp name instead of the same file name as the one already in the VS folder, instead you should create an application rule using a wildcard path like *\Visual Studio Background Downloader.exe or whatever its file name is.