need to know something

Has the bug where you couldnt open anything in v3 been fixed in any new version for v3 yet? I would like to install it soon to see if it will not cause me to make a new format on my new hd.

I believe that that fault was caused by users changing the image execution settings wiothout having an appreciation of what it could/would do. The default values are now kinder to genral users and these issue reports have ceased (to the best of my knowledge).

Having said that, the software is still beta, so we can only advise users to use it on non-production PCs, unless they are willing to accept the potential consequences of usuing beta software in a production environment.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the notice as its the best version wise as in stability for 2.4 to use on clients pcs. When will v3 be out of beta? Its been like that for a while.

According to Melih “CIS final release within a week or two”;msg205693#msg205693

CIS = COMODO Internet Security

An release candidate was released 8 october:

When you install CIS you can choose if you want the complete package, or just the Antivirus, or just the firewall, it’s up to you.