Need some help

So today i was installing my version of photoshop cs3 onto my pc. The program started up and worked just fine. The second time i went into the program comodo came up with a warning. I believe it said that the program was going into the registry. I accidentally clicked “Block”. Well now the program wont start at all. I get an error saying that it i need to reinstall the program and such. I uninstalled it and unblocked it from accessing the registry in comodo but to no success. It worked fine on my other PC. Is this an issue that can be fixed easily through comodo or windows, or do i need to contact adobe. I tried here first to see get some opinions or help. Thanks guys.

Welcome to the forum mc511.

Try this:

Open CIS from the system tray, then go to Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy.

Locate Photoshop in the list and double click the entry. select Access Rights, then Protected Registry keys/Modify/Blocked Registry Keys. Delete any entries. Apply all the way out and try running Photoshop again.

Hi and thanks. Yeah okay there was a .exe adobe put in there that does not say its from photoshop or adobe. So i blocked it earlier thinking it was my schools networ doing something stupid. Anyway, its working fine now. I did so much. I uninstalled in and reinstalled it 6 times to run registry cleaners and the answer was a few clicks away. Haha. Well thanks and i did exactly that but right after i amde the thread i decided to double check that security section. I did and found out the issue. Thanks again.