Need rule for Tunngle

I want to use Tunngle, which is a virtual private online network for gaming.

The problem is it assigns a dynamic IP address each time the user connects. The last time I got I’m not even sure if they always use this range or if there’s other ranges that the IP address might be assigned from.

So I guess I need to create a Network Zone that covers all possibilities and then I can add an Allow All rule for this Zone to my existing first rule, which currently allows All IP In/Out -From NZ: LAN to NZ: LAN for All Applications. Or maybe that’s too insecure and I should just allow certain games to send/receive traffic on the Tunngle network. I could add a rule for this to the existing ruleset for each game if necessary. Ideally I would create a File Group containing all the game executables I want to access Tunngle as then I could just create one rule, but as far as I can see there’s no way to make custom executable groups like this.

Anyone else worked this out yet?

If you aware of possible IP addresses make a networkzone, add the ip-range and when that is done, go to Stealth Port Wizard and add the created network zone. I am unsure if it’s wise to allow incoming connect.

It’s a good idea that you make a file group, there you can tell CIS to see them as web browser.

Thanks, but I don’t see any way to make a custom file group with my game executables in it.

I’d have to allow incoming connect as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to host any games. What does the Stealth Port Wizard do, does it just create some rules under Global Rules?

I think it will create some rules under Global Rules but I can’t which I as I haven’t used it frequently nor have I investigated what happens when such situation is done. I advice you to go to , click on CIS and see if the answer is there; I don’t want to give you information that is not accurate.

Yes, it says that it creates two Global Rules to Allow All Incoming/Outgoing on the trusted zone.

I still don’t see a way to create a Custom Filegroup containing only certain executables though, so it looks like I’ll have to add a rule for each game I want to be able to access Tunngle.