need old version comodo firewall 5.12 download source

Hi Comodo-Comunity,

I am running Comodo Firewall (free) version 6. This Version is very big and slowly (open firewall window, advanced option, etc… he need a long time to popup (10 - 20 sec)). I have run win7x64 System and this Version of Comodo is not my favorite!
I searching a source for older Version of Comodo (last Version 5.XX whatever). I can’t find him.

Can y help me to say where it is a download-link?


It should not take that long to open the windows. It would probably be helpful if you could create a bug report for this in this section of the forum. Be sure to use the format provided in this post.

Once you’re ready older versions of CIS can be found on FileHorse.


sorry, the management-gui is not my favorite - its too mutch windows8 like :wink: and the start-performance is not the best.

Comodo is a gread product i used a long time for my WinXP x64 Windows OS and then for my Win7x64 - but this verison 6.XX is realy, realy unperformant and to big! e.g. the Sandbox-Function is not the best, too.

Thx for the link, but he give no version 5.xx. Have comodo no older Version Download-Links (ftp whatever)?

Please see this page.

Sorry for butting into the thread, but I also wanted to say thank you very much for the link, Chiron. I wonder if you could also post a link to the old version of your instructions for configuring the firewall, version 5.12? I would really appreciate it.

I can’t tell you how helpful your tutorials are. I am not sure I would have stuck with and grown to love Comodo without them.

I, too, am really struggling with the new firewall. I don’t like that you can’t easily observe connections and see the destination addresses for traffic…so I think I am going to try to get my old firewall back.

Thanks in advance for your your help and the superb tutorials.