Need new download to install BOclean

Hi, (V)
Downloaded Boclean to my desktop on Feb 28. The download at this time is not well working. Some expert try that and see what i mean. It will install, but there is a little missing. The menu opened from the task bar icon does not completely appear. The place at the bottom for “close this menu” has gone missing, and the only way to get rid of the aggravating little menu box is to click on "shut down Boclean at the top of the box or restart the computer. (:KWL)
Bear with this please.
The other problem is the menu box then is sitting on top the configuration box when that is opened. So while this can be worked around and appropriate configuration boxes checked, there is no way to click on “finished” to set it.

Have not had problems installing BoClean before, have checked and rechecked that there are no other installations of Boclean on this pc, etc. Has always worked well before.

What operating system do you have (Vista, XP, etc)?
32bit or 64bit?
Any other security programs?

windows xp. Avg antivirus, CIS, Vengine, spybot, and so.
Just tried to reinstall again from a link given by Rednose in this forum, and same result. Maybe is fine except there is missing from the menu the option to close this menu. The other options appear, config… update, covered malware etc.
Can not configure the way i would want because the menu sits on top of “finished”. To get rid of the menu shut down Boclean, and then restarted to run it as comes.

Thanks for checking on this (V)

actualy run Comodo firewall with avg internet security sans the firewall, windows xp 32bit, etc. All other downloads can go fine, so seems this would not be the problem.
Personly think there should be a new repaired download file.

Thanks again for asking (V)

Hi kwonawa :slight_smile:

Nothing realy wrong here :wink:

You only have to expand the BOClean Menu window so that everything is showing. Hoover with your mouse cursor over the bottom line of the BOClean Menu untill you see a little black double arrow pointing up and down. Now left click your mouse and drag the line down untill you see the complete Menu.

And both BOClean Menu and Configuration screens can be placed anywere on the desktop as any Window by left clicking at the top, and drag and drop them where you want them.

I hope this will help you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

thank you Red, for your your time and attention to this problem. Did exactly like you said, and these things were fine instantly. I felt like an idiot.
Be that as it may, sure would be good if the Comodo download came out in a more accepatable way, for us general recievers? Why should this be the only place that would have the partial menu sitting on top of configure after the download.? This is just my idea.
Again, thank you Red, learned some things this one, and remembered somethings else.


Why ???

The idiot is the one who doesn’t ask what he doesn’t understand, don’t you think :wink: We all can learn from eachother :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.