need little info on avira free

in avira antivir personal free - under administration - scheduler - daily update - is it required to enable daily update for automatic update or daily update can be disabled without affecting automatic update.

to get rid of popup window which appears after each update i found this solution

  1. Boot into Safe Mode (repeatedly press F8 after boot)
    2. Login under the Administrator account
    3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avnotify.exe
    4. Right-click avnotify - Go to Properties - Security - Advanced
    5. Look under the Permissions folder for a listing of all the system users. Do the following for all the users:
    6. Edit - Traverse Folder / Execute File - Deny - Click OK
    7. Reboot (into Normal mode) when finished

theres only 1 user account on this system, this means the user is the administrator, m i right?
so the solution above says edit traverse folder / execute file to deny for all the users. as i said theres only 1 user account on this system, when i go into permission tab there are 3 entries, users (name) - read and execute, system - full, and last one i dont remember. so i should edit the traverse folder only for 1st entry i.e. users (name) or all the 3 entries.


i’m using avira FREE too. here’s what i thought

CMIIW, automatic update = daily update.
if you use avira FREE you can only have automatic update set as daily (avira paid will give you hourly update).
so, no daily update = no automatic update 88)

most likely 88)

You could create your own schedules by entering 3 hour updates tasks all day long. It takes just 10 minutes … ;D

the FREE version has 1 day minimum limit. you can’t set it to 3 hour :-\

You can make “new jobs” and you have to set it “daily” at x hour.Something like this…
New job…Update…daily at 9.00 am
New job…Update…daily at 12.00 pm
New job…Update…daily at 03.00 pm
and so on…

AntiVir relies on its scheduler to update, so you can customize it to your liking. There’s no hardcoded additional update besides the one in the scheduler as far as I know.

OMG…I have all you guys beat. See my Avira thread awhile back. Too late.

My thread.

i need a help for the bold query.

Dont bother doing that. Use D+ to block “avnotify”. Its easier and no safe mode needed.

i dont have comodo firewall.

Ok then what are you doing in this site? All you need to do to block “avnotify” is block it for that user.

what do you mean by what i am doing on this site. i am a comdo member. i am using comodo products verification engine, system cleaner and uninstalled CIS due to some reasons. i think this is more than enough to be here or any other thread here. i dont need to clarify but just for your peace and sake.
by the way regarding the notifier i blocked it for the user but the notify window still appears.


Follow those instructions and it works. It did for me and all my work pc’s.

Hey Naren,

it might be a good sujestion to take a look at the Remove Malware link Vettetech posted. There it’s explained good enough.
link again

you simply have to delete the automatic update in the sheduler and you have to add updates every 3 hours in Silent mode. This way, you won’t get any pop-up and faster automatic updates.



thanxx eXPerience. after editing the update jobs it didn’t updated. i mean i set the update time as 8, 12, 16, 20, 0, 4. i connected to net at 16.15 but the update did not occured till 17.15 ( i had selected repeat the update job if the time expired). when i clicked on manual update it updated and the notification window too appeared. so i have set the update job to default again and blocked the notification window through pctools firewall application blocking. this worked fine.