need help

hello all…
i stumbled to the website of matousec and COMODO scored 100% compared to the FW i’ve been using w/c only scored 50+%… well congtaulations to that… so i want to use the power of COMODO w/c scored 100% but i have my own AV and i do not want to replace it… is this possible?

Yes, don’t install the AV. I believe that this what Matousec probably did, as they didn’t want to test the AV component.

PS Welcome to the forums.

Thank You Very Much, Sir… i’ll be downloading the product now… I’ll be expecting good results… THANK YOU…

FYI: The matousec tests were run with the configuration changed to ‘proactive security’ and I would suggest you switch to this configuration. It’s much more secure than the default.

Also, you may or may not want to disable the sandbox. Check around the forum and decide whether the sandbox is for you or not.