need help with networking

ok so im not real good with networking stuff but i can manage so heres my problem. i am trying to setup an ftp server on an old computer i have. i have everything setup and i try to connect to the computers ip through port 21 but i wont connect. i am behind a router so i tried directly connecting to the modem and that didnt help so i know thats not the problem. i tried it with windows firewall disabled no good and i found this site ( that checks to see if your port is open but it says connection timed out on any port that i try. this also happens on my laptop. idk whats going on, if someone could help me it would be much appreciated



What OS do you have on this old computer?
Also; Do you have CIS installed?


it is windows xp pro 32 bit.
yes i had cfw on it and was having problems so i uinstalled comodo completely but didnt help anything


Verifying What you did;

Start > Run > appwiz.cpl > Add/Remove Components > IIS > Details > FTP Service(s) > Ok > Ok

Go to your router via web browser and Allow Port 21 > If you have Windows Firewall Disabled I would enable it and then allow port 21 and make sure the services are allowed through

You’ll have to configure FTP Correct
Make sure you have your FTP site Identification settings correct
(via Start > Control Panel > Admin Tools > IIS)

Allow Anonymous Connections

While having a home FTP with Windows firewall
I would recommend using a active FTP mode client

I would check ipconfig to get your IP Address

Lastly, can you ping your IP Address from another PC?


ok that is one thing i missed was the iis componant. i enabled that and have port 21 forwarded on my router to my computers ip. i have filezilla running which installs a service so thatalways running. i want to run cis so if theres some settings i need to change can you tell me what they are? and im not sure what you mean with FTP site identification settings if you can specify on that. sorry for my lack of knowledge about this but im new and learning. thanks so much for all your help jake

Its ok :slight_smile: I remember the first time i set up a FTP Server … Took me about couple days LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Open up IIS (Control Panel > Admin Tools > IIS > FTP Sites > Defualt FTP Site (If you haven’t Renamed it) > Right click Prop > Security Accounts > Allow Anonymous connections)

For CIS;
Do you have any Network’s Defined as trusted?
Reason I’m asking you’ll most likely need to add a rule to the global rules to allow port 21, but this is for globally too, but if you have IP’s of your computers that are inside your network it would be a bit safer to add by IP instead of having one port open for everyone thus you can combine them together (Allow All Incoming IF Source is in (IP) and Port is 21 … I don’t have CIS installed ATM so i couldn’t dig through my empty mind and give you further guidance of adding the rule but hope this helps :slight_smile:


Edit: Added another question or two

ok i check the security accounts and it was already set to allow anonymous connections. i was having trouble start the service on port 21 but i found the problem and it was that filezilla server was already started on port 21 so if i stop that service then the default ftp site service will start. idk if its supposed to be on port 21 since filezilla uses that same port. do i need to change one of them?

i just added a rule to cis in global rules i allowed in udp/tcp incoming undre source address for my ip and source port 21. is that correct?