Need help with my support ticket.

Ticket number: #TNX-405-31629

I have a problem with validation of my documents for code signing sertificate by Comodo support.

I’ve made notary attesting of documents (as it is required by face-to-face procedure). Sent scans of everything per e-mail (support allowed it), notary has sent copies to Comodo from notary office telefax as well - and now support demands from notary to verify his signature on copies sent by Comodo support to notary per e-mail.

Notary refused it with answer that he only works with originals and cannot verify any documents per e-mail. He has repeated the same yesterday to me and has given me a copy of his answer to Comodo.

Now support writes that such a verification of signature by notary on documents in e-mail - is a mandatory step in Comodo validation procedure. But it is very unlikely any notary in Germany will be ready to work with copies of documents in e-mail instead of originals - therefore i don’t see how i can fulfill such a strange (if not completely improper) validation step.

Maybe somebody of supervisors could look into my case and check if it is possible to issue the certificate with information already provided (fulfilled face-to-face procedure + some additional checks of address/phone number). Or maybe to recommend something helpful.

Sincerely yours,