Need help with disabling automatic scan

How do you disable the automatic scan on Comodo Cloud Antivirus? I have the real time shield on & by default it does a full scan every hour

I don`t see anywhere how to disable the automatic scan without disabling the real time shield

Please check scheduled full scan settings. That’s the only setting.


I meant when I have the Real time shield/hips on, the automatic scan is turned on but can not disabled unless you turn the real time shield/hips off

Here is the screenshot of what I`m trying to say:

I`m using Comodo Cloud Antivirus latest version

You can’t disable automatic scan, but you can set the time to 36.500 days, so you’ll have the next scan after 100 years ;D

Can that be added to as a feature request?

Sure, we will address it.

Thank you so much, I really like the products you guys make, they work really well, never had an issue with them

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You`re welcome, I just read on another thread that my feature request is getting added in the next update, so glad to see it happen

Please try latest v672 Beta, where requested feature is added.


Thanks for all of the hard work. Really like how CCAV is maturing. One quick question. I can see the checkbox to enable/disable “Start full scan automatically.” When enabled, when does CCAV trigger its full scan when it reaches the desired number of days? Is it based on time of CCAV installation? Would be a “nice to have” if along with the number of days, you could specify a time for the full scan to take place, let’s say, 3AM when I’m hopefully fast asleep. I haven’t done much testing to see the impact a full system scan would have on a system during peak use. Loving CCAV and keep up the good work!!

Time of CCAV install as far as i am aware.
(i never really get to that 30 days mark, i usually uninstall CCAV to test CCAV/CIS beta before that.)

You can go here, and create a new wish (New poll) so it easyer for comodo to see, and for people to post feedback/ideas/vote etc on your wish. :-TU


Hi sirvalence,
1st scan is from date of install.

We can consider adding option to define time in settings as well.