Need help with Comodo Firewall configuration

Hello! I’ve got few questions about Comodo Firewall configuration:

  1. Is it good idea to add global firewall rule blocking all incomming (TCP,UDP,ICMP,IP separetly). I’m not sharing any resources from this computer in LAN. Let’s say my LAN isn’t perfectly safe.

2.I want Comodo Firewall mostly for firewall. I use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free to keep my device safe. Would you recomment enabling Comodo Firewall extra features like Auto isolation, HIPS, VirusScope, WWW Filtering?

  1. I’ve been using CM FW with all extra features enabled so far. I’m a little paranoid about HIPS. I’m afraid it might block important Windows processes. Here are my all doubts:

3.1. I’ve switched HIPS to Paranoid Mode for a moment. I’ve had notification timeout set. After system reboot HIPS caused crash and I’m pretty sure it added deny rules due to notification timeout set. When I managed to boot up I’ve deleted and reloaded Proactive protection configuration from file and set it to active. Won’t it still block any programs anyway. Also can I be sure this incident haven’t damaged Windows in any way?

3.2. I’m using two Windows accounts: one for daily usage (standard user WITHOUT admin rights), and second admin account. I almost never log in to admin account. I use standard use for almost all the time. Programs which need admin rights I open as administrator. Will HIPS display notifications related to programs running as different user anyway? Let’s say i’m opening program installer on standard user account. I need admin rights to install software so Windows prompts me for admin password and opens task as admin. Will HIPS work in this scenario? Will I get all the notifications about installing software? Is it good idea to set notification timeout to at least see it in blocked apps if I won’t get notified? I’m using HIPS in Safe Mode.

3.3. I’m a little paranoid that HIPS might do a harm, blocking Windows processes and refusing them to make security realted tasks or any other important tasks. Is it even possible in any way? I’m using HIPS on safe mode. I’m afraid it will block something important anyway or I won’t get notification.

comodo internet security protected well… (not used two software security. It is can cause crash, bad function in system…);
Settings default in proactive security have protection excellent and not crash boot system (mode paranoid is very complex, not is recommended use in work PC);
try settings(see video): Comodo Internet Security 12 - YouTube

sorry my english!

  1. Paranoid Mode is not needed and will lead to unnecessary alerts. You can leave HIPS enabled at Safe Mode and it will never alert for programs signed by Trusted Vendors or Trusted through Cloud Lookup.

  2. You can use Comodo Firewall alongside Kaspersky Security Cloud Free if you set mutual exceptions/trust rules between both softwares, follow the steps mentioned here.

  3. You can change Comodo Firewall to ‘Proactive Security’ mode, this will automatically enable Auto-Containment and enhance overall protection of all other CFW components. You can also check and use the Cruelsister settings for Comodo Firewall which will further enhance the level of protection provided.

settings cruelsister1 is safe, you can use!

Note: two softwares security in PC can cause slowdown in system (boot, open others programs…) and in situation extreme go cause crash for conflict between the two…

But each system is a different universe I guess…

I think a lot of us will agree Cruelsister1 setting’s should be the default settings when installing CIS or just CF.Its simple and works and even the least knowledgeable can use it.