Need Help W/ Website Filtering

Is there any quicker way for COMODO IS to block all Adult Websites?

The quickest way is to disable the website filtering (which in my opinion is pretty useless) in CIS and set your DNS to OpenDNS → FamilyShield DNS ( and

Norton ConnectSafe DNS also have Adult Filtering.

You could also try

Is there any quicker way to insert all adult sites in Website Filtering w/out inserting 1 @ a time?

I really do enjoy K9 Web Protection but I need help w/ it. It keeps telling me that the installation is corrupted. How do I fix that so it works fine w/out problems?

Anyone have any answers for this yet?

I used K9 before, but I uninstalled it because it was laggy.
As I said, the best option is to set the DNS to OpenDNS FamiliShield or Norton or whatever similar.

I haven’t experienced that problem b4, but have you tried to reinstall it?
The program is incomplete or corrupt
How to repair K9 Web Protection

Yes I tried to reinstall it & it still says “Installation Corrupt”

For your information