need help(virus)?

Starting yesterday, every time I tried to open, I was redirected to and them some reward, I already tried antimalware and superspyware. but problem not solved.

Please help!! Thanks a lot.

Hi edmer,
It could be worth clearing your browsing data, cookies, cache etc and try again.
What browser are you using?

I did.

I use IE8

Did they find anything?

Also, please follow the advice I give in How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected and let us know what you find. However, in KillSwitch, go to Tools and then “Quick Repair”. From here you can select OK to fix many possible problems which could have been caused by malware.

This may fix your problem. Please keep us posted.


Also according to some Google searching, it looks like that you might be typing…

    rather than

… try the URL’s that I just posted to see what I mean.

I think Kail hit the nail on the head.

This looks like a case of a simple phishing site preying on folks who mistype.