Need help to restore Firewall default settings

well I notice that the firewall has settings configured by User, but I never did that!?!
so I want to know how to reset the firewall back to default .
TY in advance
(see attachment)

By default the first network that CIS detects after/during installation is automatically added as a trusted network, which in turns creates specific firewall rules for that trusted network.

TY for your reply, so all those settings are safe or has some one which had somehow access to my system modified them?

The rule for System was added as part of trusted network detection, all the others are the default rules that come with the firewall, and the metro rule is part of the default rules on Windows 8 and newer OS’s.

ok then all those settings seem to be safe, I was just wondering why there is mentioned set by user(benutzer definiert)-and not set by default/system/cis or something like that

Oh that’s a translation issue I think, it would be “Custom” to indicate the type of ruleset it is using for the English interface, any rule that is is not using one of the defined rulesets will be listed as custom. For example the outgoing only ruleset is being used for the COMODO Internet Security file group application rule.

so in that(my)case its custom? and not defined(default) setting- doesnt that means that it was configured?-but by who-in case I am just to stupid to get it straight/understand it right- Iam sorry/apologzie

There are two columns in the firewall rules window, one lists the application name and the other lists the ruleset that the application is set as. If an application is not set to use any of the firewall rulesets that are configured in the rulesets settings then it will be named “Custom” but in your case it would be “user” to indicate a user rule and not a defined ruleset. Any rule that is added without using a pre-defined ruleset will be named by default custom or in your case user. Again it just categorizes the type of ruleset being used for the given application, whether it is set as an allowed application, blocked application, outgoing only, web browser, or a custom user rule. Because the rules don’t match a pre-defined ruleset it therefore is named user or custom if using the English language interface.