Need help to remove entirely comodo firewall


I’ve just installed comodo firewall, and therefore, after restart, my keyboard is no longer working, all my apps crash, i can’t connect on internet…

I am on windows 8.0, with a touchpad.

I have unistalled comodo firewall (and also geek buddy, dragon, etc.), to finish the unistall I needed to restart. The restart crashed too…

I managed to restart my computer, but the issues and problems are still there !!! I can’t use my computer anymore because of that, that is a real problem. I have no restore backup, as my computer i really new, I was just installing comodo in order to protect it, actually it has killed it…

Can you please help me to recover that, to remove all the changes comodo has made, in order to have my computer available again.

Thank you in advance

Please try reinstalling CIS by following the advice I give in this thread. Let me know how that goes.


What a joke. The thread op was requesting uninstall information. He clearly doesn’t want it and your response is a guide to installing/reinstalling?! Horrible public relations and customer support.

Avoid at all costs! This just shows Comodo’s inability to code a workable Windows 8 product.

I recommend continuing with the uninstall and using something that will actually benefit you. Try Outpost firewall or ZoneAlarm!

Hi randomguy,
As a matter of fact Chirons re-install guide has some good advice on uninstalling.
Chiron was only trying to help with the issue.

Just because you have had some issues with CFW it does not mean it is general bad coding.

Also if you are randomly posting irate comments with no substance to help with the original issue, we have a name for that and you do not need to be Einstein to work out what that name is.

Please take this as a warning and please consider your actions in the future.
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Thank you.

Almost all of the advice in my guide is about uninstalling. Thus, if the OP does not want to reinstall all they have to skip is the installation step. :wink: