need help stoping hacker!!!

OK here’s the deal. i play yahoo games and to do so i must run java plug ins a run time environment and a SE binary and also shockwave flash. i have been hacked from yahoo pool by some guy named marcuss[ at ] or something like that. the reason i say that i have been hacked is that , when i search my computer with .NET i get manifests,with this guys user ID a yahoo reference and some other stuff looked something like this (x86_policy.5.2.Microsoft.Windows.Networking.Rtcdll_6595b64144ccf1df_x-ww_c7b7206f…this is just an example) and only if i show all hidden files and folders and use .*. in the first field do i find it. now the manifest i am talking about is gone!! but it was there and i was not on the net at yahoo or any other site at the time. … i have many little things wrong like when i type in the address bar my courser disappears or my browser will start loading the add page without me clicking it. plus after visiting there rooms i have very slowed surfing. now i know that something is going on… i am not an expert i need help i want to catch this guy and have him feel the aggravation and hatred that i do. i would like to do evil things to this man. i have just reinstalled windows and have avg spy bot and Comodo he is still getting in. i do not know if i am infecting others when i go to yahoo games. if so i need it to stop. i think he is using java is there a way to look at all my java updates and verify them as the real thing? i feel as though i have been targeted somehow like maybe with my yahoo id or something. because as i have said i reinstall windows and the problem goes away. it has caused me hundreds of hours of time and a new copy of windows trying to catch and or fix the problems that have been caused by this man. so what i want is to catch him!!! thinking draw+quarter… so is it people that do not know there carrying this spy ware or bad program that loads itself onto experienced users or is it a true hack and if so, how do i catch him?

Well… Run some antivirus, antimalware and antispyware scans, do a hijackthis log and you can kinda verify your java version here: maybe try to uninstall all previous versions of java and installing the latest…

I think yahoo messenger made this manifest
Yahoo messenger stores manifests of chatters whom you chat with. maybe yahoo games also stores such files(i dont know for sure).
That email you gave is an alternate email of an innocent guy who has a yahoo id…

I was not on line and it was in hidden files and folders. And if that is the case why only one manifest. As I play pool a lot. I have a hjt log in other forum. I am sure my java up-to-date just reinstalled windows and check it about once a month. Thanks for the time I know its a long read.