Need help restoring permissions for a file I removed from my Blocked Files list.

i blocked wmpshare.exe years ago because it was running up my CPU even there was no devices to share to anymore (used to stream from my computer to my Xbox 360). since Defense+ evidently sets all permissions to deny on blocked files (something i only found about very recently), it’s been doing a number on anything from Windows Update that interacts with wmpshare.exe. i’ve since removed wmpshare.exe off my Blocked Files list, but all its permissions are still set to deny. i’d like to know if there’s any way to revert this denial of permissions so i can actually install the updates that haven’t been working (not that many - about 4 - but they’re all important security patches for Windows Media Player).

i know nobody likes a thread necro in any forum, but it makes less sense to basically copy and paste the first post into a new thread.

yes, i still need help with file permissions. it’s starting to get a little ridiculous now that these “monthly rollup” updates are coming out over Windows Update, and both the October and November ones have failed because of one file (take a wild guess which one it is).

How did you block it? Also, did you check logs?

i had to look it up again since it was months ago, but i left a screenshot on this Seven Forums thread:

if i remember correctly, i went to Defense+ > HIPS > Protected Objects > Blocked Files and added wmpshare.exe.

…and now that i look at that tab again, wmpshare.exe has somehow made its way back onto the block list even though i’m certain i removed it last time i dealt with this… i’ll try to remove it and see if it does anything.

EDIT: alright, well i’m not getting the thing anymore where i can’t change the owner of the file, so hopefully i can install updates involving wmpshare.exe now.

well now i feel stupid lol. wmpshare.exe actually got unblocked when i removed it from blocked files this time, so now i can install all those old updates. the guy who replied to my support ticket months ago said it was a bug, so i guess whatever bug it was, it’s fixed now.

i guess i’ll be closing this thread.