Need Help [RESOLVED]

To be able to download ONLY the firewall!!! NOTHING ELSE!!! NO VIRUS SCANNER, NO DEFENSE+, NOTHING BUT JUST THE FIREWALL!!! DO NOT THINK THIS IS SAYING “INSTALL ONLY THE FIREWALL”, I am sick of risking my equipment over apps that I choose not to install through the Comodo Installer yet sit and watch as all the peices I told not to install, do just that. You have ONE good product, you might as well let it be available all by itself, since the rest of what you have is junk!

Once again, you have made a product that out does AOL in leaving its footprint all over my system…even after uninstalling!!! Before Comodo goes and releases any more products, don’t you think they should actually fix all this broken junk the have already put out? Try uninstalling the ISS…leaves data all over and totally ruins the windows security management system (i.e. security center).

If you do a search you will find several posts why I REFUSE to download the CIS just for the firewall. So please, don’t ask why I only want the firewall…

Can I still download JUST Comodo Firewall v3?

My only wish for this product is for the developers to look at my open and hold support ticlkets and actually fix these issues, along with fixing the un-installer. Pretty simple, huh?

Again, just as with the firewall, this does not un-install. Probably does a worse job than the firewall uninstaller. Security center all messed up with knowing if it even has a firewall…registry entries beyond…services registered that have no existant dependencies…the list goes on!!! I have no time to work wiuth anyone over this, am dealing with much more serious issues caused by CIS. COMODO DEVELOPERS PLEASE GO BACK AND READ MY SUPPORT TICKETS THEN GO BACK AND ACTUYALLY FIX THESE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES. Even when set to block all incoming connections, will ask for permission of new networks, uninstalling, defense + installing when told not to…quit releasing garbage on top of more garbage!!! You guys used to be very good at what you do, now its like why even bother letting you guys no something is wrong. You have not fixed ANY of the SERIOUS security flaws in your software that I have given to your attention.

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I have read you blog on cyber terrorism and have a question?

Isn’t the current state of Comodo products creating ‘terrorist’ acts in my PC?
I tell it to uninstall (firewall, antivirus, and Internet Suite), yet the all leave tremendous amounts of themsleves all over my PC. Some causing very serious resourcing conflicts (with security center integration/un-intergration) which have always left me with only one choice…re-installtion. Additionally, I am given choices during installation to NOT install certain aspects of said software, yet can literally sit and watch as the progress bar installs exactly what I am telling it not to.
If Comodo had actually addressed any of these issues I would not be asking this, yet I have many unanswered support tickets and see a whole new product line coming out with the EXACT issues that were brought to your attention.
Why has Comodo development chosen to ignore these VERY important issues? Wouldn’t all of this actually be a definition of a security threat to my PC? If no, how do you justify/backup your response?

Sorry, I guess I have more than one question…

Dear HyJax1

You sent me a PM and posted your issue in 2 other places.

I appreciate you are frustrated because you have an issue with our product. As I responded to your PM earlier on, what you are seeing is an exception and we are more than happy to get to the bottom of it and identify what is causing your issue. We thank you for your patience.

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  1. Once Downloaded the CIS Installer it will ask you if you want to install AV and FW
    Select only the FW and make sure the AV box is unchecked THEN Select Firewall Only
    This is Possible. (SEE PICTURE)

  2. Can you explain more of this problem?

  3. Yes You Can See #1

  4. The Developers Do A Perfectionist Job At What They Do, They Probably Already recieved Your Ticket,

5.Whats wrong with the uninstaller?
and what other issues are you having?


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Again, I refuse to download the entire package AGAIN as it was such a hassle to get back and running after the firsat time. After my frustrations you have got to be insane…unless you want to start paying me for my ‘help’?

I will explain what happened, I will not re-install the CIS as it was impossible to recover from last time. However, I can give you some simple steps to re-create every claim I have made:

  1. Get a fresh machine (no OS)
  2. Install OS, drivers, then CIS.
  3. Install anything else
  4. Try to unintall CIS, after re-boot look in the security center screen, look in the services, and check the registry for Comodo entries.
  5. Quit asking us about the same issues and get development to fix them!!!

—on a side note, use a router to enable/disable network communication and see if Comodo is actually stopping filesharing and network discovery…it’s not, btw I can go right into any of my drives from another network PC just as if filesharing was enabled

NO I CANNOT!!! #1 is an example of downloading the entire CIS and choosing just to install the firewall. Normally, I would be fine with this, however, when you COULD get just the firewall, you could not stop it from installing Defense+ and that was a viable selection so why would I think making the selection of just firewall would work here(btw…it doesn’t) and NO I will not reinstall it just to do Comodo developers job (unless you want to pay me)

The only thing the developers have done is to bundle this with other faulty programming. ZERO of six issues have been solved since their submission, the last in August. CIS has the same uninstallation issues since day 1 but are compounded as now they are dealing wioth the whole suite.
Even though I am supposedly set to "Block Incoming Connections), I am alerted any time I had a device to my network…not to blocked huh?
They have had my issues, promised me they were looking into them, yet here is the next-gen comodo product with the same issues? I would love to be an employee for anyone who thinks of this behavior as a ‘perfectionist’.

If you are still asking, maybe try thorough reading instead of skimming (which I admit I often do to so please dont think I am being hostile. If anyone wants the exact details then go to my response of item#2. I dont have the time, unless of course Comodo wants to start paying me to be a tester. In other words I have much better things going on then the constant reinstallation of my OS just to help Comodo work out SERIOUS bugs that have gone ignored for over 6 months through my support tickets.

Sal has been a great help but if the developers are telling him to wait for an answer then what can he do?

errr perhaps use uninstaller app for better cleaning could help ??? i usually use revo uninstaller to uninstall/reinstall CIS and other software.

about the windows security center issue, you mean CIS is still showed up on Windows security center after uninstalling?perhaps this could help?

goodluck :■■■■

Using software like Revo is for stuff like beta uninstalls or of course AOL. I guess Comodo is portraying a Cyber terrorist. I can really find no other way to explain what CIS leaves in my system; and btw sometimes it is just a quick cmd to unregister a missing component (other times it is a day of searching all over a drive, cause vista indexing really ■■■■■■■ the search functionality if something is not in a common folder, for the left over components that are registering in the security center) but unless you want to do exactly what I have purposed (i.e. start with a complete blank PC and install everything from scratch) I would appreciate comments that do not fix the issue left somewhere else or PM me. No offense, but really, my problem is not with Revo…it has become with Comodo.

ouch that hurts

ok,maybe someone else could help. (:WAV)

  • Issue with Windows Security center is known and will be fixed

  • Detection of new network is not actually related to firewall rules. Detection of new network does not override any rules (unless you choose to trust that network) and if Firewall security level is Block all - all connections from/to new network will be blocked as well.

  • If you choose not to use Defense+ during installation it will be installed, but all drivers will be disabled until you would now enable them from Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ Settings → Disable Defense+ permanently. (BTW most of firewalls/anti-viruses with HIPS module behaves the same way, just keeping HIPS disabled, but CIS at least does not hide it)

  • on a side note, use a router to enable/disable network communication and see if Comodo is actually stopping filesharing and network's not, btw I can go right into any of my drives from another network PC just as if filesharing was enabled

Do you mean you make some block rules for in/out connections or you set Block all security mode for firewall? How it relates to router?

Been known for several months now and still nothing other than a bundled app that is even worse than the stand alone.- FACT

If I am choosing to “Block all incoming connections” though the stealth ports wizard, I should NEVER be told of any new network connections, unless of course they have already been pre-defined but then again, they wont give me a new connection alert if they are already defined and part of a trusted network. So this problem IS exactly as I have stated…and yes, according to the support ticket system, Comodo dev is, and has been, aware of this MAJOR issue since before August!!! I think you may be reading to far into what I have posted.

Not true. You would think that this is what is supposed to happen but again, Comodo dev was given actual screen shots of Defense + “not” being installed yet halting ALL activity due to the fact the ‘Alerts’ slider was not turned to disabled as well. I almost lost two peices of hardware during flash updates so I know this is what is happening. And again, it has been duplicated by the support staff…still no fix and this one was given to them in like June or July.

My router can keep all coneections separate thru a ‘Privacy Seporator’. With this enabled, it is impossible to create any shared network. It really stops all incoming network requests to each host machine. When I disable the ‘Privacy Seporator’ I am immeaditly notified of incoming connection requests…even though I am supposedly stealthing ALL of my ports. But if you read the top of this reply you know this part already.

Thank you for trying to defend Comodo. I do think they are onto something most other vendors refuse to see. However, it seems that in their rush to create a paid service firewall application then a registry cleaner then a bundled security suite they forgot to actually fix these MAJOR issues. I cannot be the only one this ihas happened to, and a detaled search through the forums will show this. Just most of the posters are simply looking for advice on wheteher to use Comodo or not and read of these issues and dont ■■■■■ with it. Hardware is EXPENSIVE if your not the company issung security certificates to the world. You would think a company in charge of that would pay a little more attention to fixing the GIANT holes in there current application before releasing a new one, but hey…someones got to be the next AOL or MS, right?

Those network alerts are there for providing the ease of use. If you dont want to see them, disable them. There is no issue or bug here.

Not true. You would think that this is what is supposed to happen but again, Comodo dev was given actual screen shots of Defense + "not" being installed yet halting ALL activity due to the fact the 'Alerts' slider was not turned to disabled as well. I almost lost two peices of hardware during flash updates so I know this is what is happening. And again, it has been duplicated by the support staff...still no fix and this one was given to them in like June or July.

D+ is disabled but file protection will always be there to protect firewall applications fom being modified. These are default settings that are designed for the good of the most users. Again if you dont want to see them, disable them manually. File protection is a shared component. However, this is a very common feedback and we have already considered this. Pls search the forum about SHA1/MD5 discussions.

Thank you for trying to defend Comodo. I do think they are onto something most other vendors refuse to see. However, it seems that in their rush to create a paid service firewall application then a registry cleaner then a bundled security suite they forgot to actually fix these MAJOR issues.

We are listening to you despite your attitude. Just dont expect us to change some defaults or make some changes without considering our other users. Especially after calling our products piece of junk.

I must agree with Egemen

We are always more than happy to entertain our user’s requests as we are building everythign we do for them, but come on HyJax1 where have you ever achieved someone to do something for you by insulting them? Its not a nice thing to do, especially to people who are trying to help you.


Look im sorry if you find truth insulting. I have not degraded anyone, nor have I knocked there claimed knowledge. I have simply stated fact. I do apologize for my calling peices CIS junk in entirty, but I have submitted these issues to support staff, some over six months ago. And instead of seeing updates to fix repeatable HUGE security flaws I get told I am being insulting and have an attitude. Or am told that it is not a security flaw, but I cant explain it any other way when I tell a firewall “NO INCOMING CONNECTIONS” and then an alert pops up asking if I want to allow an incoming connection and what I want to name it(this happens at first install of Comodo EVERY time and I highly doubt I am being hacked from my motherboard so it cant be a bad install, also when I run diagnostics thru the CFP panel it always comes up fine). Maybe if you can’t afford to replace your ONLY PC becuase some app didn’t get the attention it needed you might understand my frustration…not anger…at this whole deal. I would hope you of all people would know that I REALLY am a fan of Comodo, but until I can see them actually take responsibility for errors in there app I cant, in good judgement, keep recommending this to anyone. I would love to come back to Comodo and even pay for there product, but being that again, your support staff duplicated pretty much everyhting I have submitted…what does that leave one to believe after six months. Please don’t close this topic just because right now Im not using Comodo thinking its all resolved because I would love to come back to you…if these can be addressed. I will not however, put Comodo back on until at least the Stealth ports part of it is fixed, and being that I am alerted even after telling it not to alert me, this says its broken.

Again, I used the ‘Stelth port Wizard’ from the CFP control panel and told it to “BLOCK ALL INCOMIJNG CONNJECTIONS”. And its description tells me that I will not be notified of any new network connection attempts, yet I am. How exactly is this not a bug?

Again, if you do not go and turn the slider in the Defense+ part to “Disable” alerts, Defense+ will HALT the system until the alert is dealt with…even though you say that Defense+ is not active. I really almost lost two hardware peices due to this so I KNOW that this IS a bug. (they were saved by reflashing after removing Comodo entirely because I dont have the money laying around to just replace it cuase you tell me its not doing what it is doing.)

You are correct, I should not have lost it to say that all of the new CIS app is junk. I do apologize for that, howver, someones ignorance in a post should not EVER be the reason that flaws such as these go unfixed. They exist. They have been duplicated and as far as being told the network alerts should happen even after stealhting ports is honeslty a ridiculous statement…no offense intended just really read what you are wanting me to believe here(which btw, doesn’t happen when I stealth with Kaspersky but I would rather be back with Comodo so dont say you dont want Comodo anymor… topic resolved).

Bottom line is if I am telling a firewall I do not want to know about ANY connection attempts and just block them…that’s EXACTLY what should happen, yes? Also, if I tell it not to install part of it thruogh its own installer, it should not install it or at least completly disable it…to include it not giving any alerts, because after all choosing not to install it means I dont want it to tell me nothing, true? And finally, when I uninstall an app, I dont want it hanging around in any part of my computer, thats why I left AOL. Maybe I am asking too much…maybe Comodo is trying to provide something they cant quite yet?

I dont know, I DO love what Comodo’s vision for there security software is, but cant risk losing my machine or personal info due to people misunderstanding, or feelers getting in the way of what they are trying to answer. I will continue to do my best in not insulting anyone or there knowledge, but they must also in turn see that I am degrading the current state of a flawed app and not them personally just because they might be responsible for that portion of the app. If I do slip and be human please dont hesitate to let me know and I will do my best to edit the post or remove it completly, but as of yet, I am pretty sure I am just mad at the app.

On a side note, I did notice that CIS does completly disable Defense+ when you tell it to…bravo!!! (:NRD)

re the stealth ports wizard.

From what I have experienced, read and understood.
The stealth ports isn’t the problem, and the reason no one can help is there is nothing wrong
but your understanding of how it works.
And you say they can reproduce it, of course they can because their’s works properly too.

Connect directly to modem,stealth ports,test at GRC.
All good right.

Now connect to router, BINGO new private network detected.

It’s Not allowing or asking you to allow incoming connections.
It is just notifying you that the firewall has (at it clearly states) Detected a New or different
network on the line.

When your head is right things ain’t so bad.

and that seems to be the issue, the flaw you refer to is not a flaw at all.


No…this is after I have already been established to the router and connected to the internet!!! It is not my pre-definde trusted network, and when I am saying it happens with/with out my router in the picture, thats what I mean. It happens no matter what I have in between my host and the intyernet. You are the one misunderstanding the problems here. And again, I can tell Kaspersky NOT TO NOTIFY me of any incoming connections (stealth ports) and it does just that. So dont tell me I am misunderstanding what I am trying to accomplish with CFP v3. I can make it not happen in v2.4, so how do you explain it now? Not my flaw. I am sorry you guys arnt getting the picture here and obviously getting your feelers hurt over this being pointed out, but the firewall is allowing detection of new netwroks…notice i said new…). I mean by this, I am already connected to the router and browsing the internet, and then at various times I am prompted of a New network attempting to connect. IT DOES NOT NOT STEALTH!!! NOT MY FLAW!!! I can see I am not necesarily broadcasting my NetBIOS, but that iwas being stopped at my router. Since realizing that if I wanted to keep my machine as secure as 2.4 kept it, I was not going to be able to use v3 until these are corrected. Your previous version didn’t allow it so the fact this one does tells me where in the flaw lies. And also you are not addressing uninstallation. You are attempting to make this all about explaining something that you are obviously not fully reading, and hopiong noone will remeber the rest of what this has been trying to get you guys at Comodo to deal with!!!

So if your firewall, and only v3.x of your firewall, is allowing these attempted connections to take place, then it can only be your v3.x that is the problem. If you try and say no, then I will not bug you guys over this forum ever again, as YOU are the opnes misunderstanding the issue and it will always be there. Or maybe give me a number to call you and I will explain it in its simplest english terms. To not admit this here, yet it has been told to me through the support staff that they are aware of this issue and are working to fix it, means you or them is lying…wanna tell me which one, or shall we go with you really arent getting what I am trying to tell you about your productor can you just admit that you really cant block incoming connection attempts? (btw…remeber that this happens with/without a router involved and upon first installation) On a side note, why not explain what you think it means when you read that you will not be notified of ANY incoming connection attempts(which is exactly what the stealth ports wizard tells you its going to do/not do)

I didn’t respond over feelings, I work with logic.
Just trying to help a brother out.

People lose perspective and always want to blame something or someone else.

I know from personal experience, helping people with PC’s.
People install or try to use some application and it doesn’t work as they expect.
And suddenly they lose all perspective. They go off how this or that is broken, or doesn’t work.
9 times out of 10. They have misconfigured the application itself or another application/device
that said application interacts with.

Do you honestly believe that out of about 15 million users there aren’t a lot of very experienced
knowledgeable users. And out of all of them you are the only one that has discovered this Huge
security hole.

Comodo can’t do anything about your expectations, other than to explain how the product was
designed to work, and maybe your expectations might change.

Forum members can if they feel like it go deeper and try to figure out what your problem really is.

In my post earlier I wasn’t explaining how it is supposed to work. I gave you the straight up
testing method for Stealth ports wizard.
It either stealths your ports or not period.
If you fail at GRC with just modem and public IP address something is misconfigured check your
firewall rules.
If you pass at GRC then the ports are stealthed, not kinda sorta, but Stealthed period.
Get it through your head that stealthing the ports has nothing to do with detecting new
private networks.

Next the detect new network problem.
If what you say here…
“No…this is after I have already been established to the router and connected to the internet!!! It is not my pre-definde trusted network, and when I am saying it happens with/with out my router in the picture, thats what I mean.”

especially this part
“it happens with/with out my router in the picture” then you have an ISP, modem, NIC or cable problem.

Boiled down, if you are connected directly to a modem by cable and out of the blue a new private network
is detected that means your connection was interrupted, and regained.See above ISP, etc.
So what is the IP address in the new network pop up?
This will tell if modem or windows generated New Private IP address.

Next you find it annoying to be notified that something changed,or may be wrong with your network, yet
you are concerned about security. I find this baffling.
Does it not work if you go in settings and uncheck the box for Automatically detect new private networks?

On the issue of the uninstaller it could use improvement and they admit it.
But to be fair regarding how long it should take to fix it, by your expectations.
These are your expectations. Put yourself in their shoes.
Everybody wants a rock solid unbeatable protection and oh how they whine.You have to get deep and total
control of the machine and also protect yourself from bypass, and shutdown etc. or you suck.
But why is it so hard to make it so i can click one button and make it completely go away.

Think about it do you want the door open or closed, slightly ajar doesn’t cut it. They say ignorance is bliss.
So if people are happier using security that is easy to kill and doesn’t tip you off when something is wrong.
Then more power to ya my friend, I’ll see you later on the security boards trying to clean up your hosed box
and screaming about what a POS that software was whether you misconfigured it or not.

Later peace.

There is simply NO flaw what so ever you’re referring to HyJax1. It seems to me you’re a little bit over the top, the way you type and conduct your self in this thread is pretty aggressive.

You need to really review all your networks, go to your Router and check settings there, review connections, review other security software etc, etc… But CIS is NOT the problem, Been testing this all night after reading this thread.