Need help removing trojware.win32.trojan.agent.gen[at]

I got a trojan named trojware.win32.trojan.agent.gen@1. It is creating {random characters}.exe in my user directory. Deleting these files doesn’t work as they keep coming back so I need to kill the spawning process for this virus.

Comodo also seems to be unsure of the files once the new files are spawned.

Need help with the registry and whereever else this thing is coming from please !

Please try following the advice I give in my article about How to Clean An Infected Computer. Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions.

I just need to remove ONE viruse…I can see I have the virus and I can see Comodo, which was already installed, let the virus download to my computer. I did scan my computer for other viruses and it found nothing. Then I went and download Microsoft Security Essentials and it found 6 things that Comodo did not find. So I’m left just trying to remove the one thing that Comodo let walk right through the front door and not stop on 3/26.

Your write up is sort of a generic for everything and anything. I need the target profile of what this particular virus does, so I can remove it based on its specifics. Where does it infect in the registry? Is there a targeted virus removal program for it?

In other words, you have written sort of physicians desk manual. What I need is the directions on only how to cure strep throat ONLY—after a diagnosis has been confirmed for strep throat. Strep throat that I got with a Comodo mask on I might add, that is suppose to prevent strep throat in the first place. This was NOT an unprotected computer…it was running Comodo at the time it was infected.

You should be able to see it through either KillSwitch or Autoruns. When you do choose to delete any entries related to it.