Need help on corrupted beep.sys

For somereason sfc /scannow reported that some system files are corrupted and it unable to fix some of them.

When I opened the CBS.log the beep.sys appears to be said to have been corrupt.

Scanning for spyware with CIS spyware scan it found about 10 rootkits and further scanning appears to be clean. I ran a scan with MBAM and Hijack this and couldn’t find any threat. CIS AVs can also reported the PC to be clean.

But I have strong reasonss to believe that my PC has been hijacked by hackers.
My admin folders could be opened from standard user account without having to log in to admin account.
The same with all other important admin folder.

Because of my political activity of trying to expose certain regime I believe this has been the same hacker judging from the method.

Is there any way to fix my beep.sys file. I have tried everything short of reinstalling.

My most recent restore point I think is useless and backup will make most programs to stop working. And even if I reinstalled everything this hacking will happen again in the future so I need to know how to fix it. I have already lost a Vista disc due to repeated reinstalling vista in 2009 when the hackers made my system to BSOD all the time within days for months. And I always protected my PC with firewall and Anti virus and use standard account than admin account type and protect them with strong passwords. I’ve had the system only less than 3 months but have reinstalled the OS about 3 times. The first was when I found my system had been compromised while using Norton security suite within weeks of using it.

If you have a windows install disc, using sfc /scannow on the command prompt should allow you to replace the corrupted file with a fresh one from the install disc.

First things first. Now would be a very good time to back up any data you don’t want to loose. Just be careful not to back up anything that could be infected.

Next it’s important to check to see if you’re still infected.

Try to follow the methodology I discuss in my reply here and let me know what you find (or if you have problems accomplishing it).

Only after these two steps should you start worry about malware removal (or fixing your computer). The exception is if your computer is unable to run CCE. (That could be malware related or related to problems with your system)

Let me know how it goes.