Need help in setting up Comodo on LAN

Do I need to setup Comodo Firewall on each computer on my LAN or ill just install it on the server and the rest gets protected.

I have a router and a modem.

Thanks in advance :]

If the router has a switch through which your LAN connect, then I’d put CIS on all PCs

Do you mean the fast ethernet switch?The hardware one?
If that’s the case should I let comodo detect the default network and leave it alone or should I add a new address like the one stated on this topic by EricJH?


Yes, a hardware switch. Adding those addresses to your Zone file is always a good idea where LAN connectivity is needed.

Thank you very much!
I learned something again from this forum.
Keep up the good work guys!
You are one of main the reasons why this forum is gaining popularity :-TU (CNY)

One of the most helpful forums indeed!