Need Help Identifying

Hey All,

I’ve recently installed comodo firewall, and i have the following which is confusing me. Btw i recently done a system restore due to various softwares telling me i had numerous trojans/malware some of which infected or could infect svchost files.

This is what im seeing
c:\system32\svchost/exe [2836]
UDP OUT… [fe80::e4ff:b9b7:78e0:cba1]:60888 (dest…) [ff02::c]:1900

Im always seeing the exact same string on:

and it occasionally pops up under a IPV6 heading

is this something weird? The reason it confuses me is that the source and destination are not IP addresses (atleast what i think an IP address should look like!) I have no experience with hex etc so im not sure how to identify it?

Hope you can help :slight_smile:

If you are seeing UDP connections to port 1900, this is UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), a simplified method of networked devices contacting each other across a network. Check you router. Do you have UPNP enabled on the router?