Need help deciding what to choose.

Hi, I’m new to this forums and I need your guys’ help.

I’m interested in getting new security for my computer and I have been checking out many free alternatives, including CIS, and reading reviews / watching videos about them.
I have decided that i will definitely get Comodo’s firewall and possibly its Defense+ but i need some help in deciding what combination of products to get.

Out of the following combinations,

-CIS with all it’s features
-CIS with all it’s features and BOClean (overkill?)
-Comodo firewall w/ Defense+ and Avira Antivirus Free Version
-Comodo firewall w/o Defense +, Avira Antivirus Free, and Threatfire

which one (if any) would you choose and why? Do you recommend an alternate selection of products?

What I like about Avira is its great detection rates and the fact that it’s free. Comodo AV also seems great but I haven’t decided on its effectiveness. Comodo firewall is a given since it’s the best in the market.

Nevertheless, I would like some advice and opinions about this.

Thanks in advance.

You could do a LOT worse than any of the choices you listed.
It is my understanding that BoCclean is going to be added
to CIS sooner or latter anyway.
I am really no big fan of threat-fire.
The program is light,elegant,and agreat idea.
The problem is it blocks Firefox extension removal or addition,causes
weird slowdowns of browsing,and at one time blocked my
use of the Windows Xp zip utility.
Your mileage may differ.
I like Comodo Firewall with D+,BoClean and Avira free.

If you ever have any doubt about BoCleans lethality to malware,
(It just sits there in the icon tray so quietly sometimes you wonder if it is doing anything),
you need only try the malware simulations at this llink:

temporairly disable your AV guard and just try to execute any of the tests.
BoClean is a rabid-dog when you need it to be!

You are in the Comodo forum, so welcome and hopefully you will become as enthusiastic about what Comodo are doing as others here.

Having said that I do believe you will get honest opinions here. A while ago I would have said that the antivirus was a little new, so maybe not yet the best.

The progress has been amazing however and I would have no hesitation in relying on the full CIS with BOClean as a back-up.

That is what I have and BOClean has not reported anything for me.

I used to have Avira with the Comodo firewall, but it never found anything to do.

Thanks a lot for the input.
I have another questions. Past antivirus software that i have used has sometimes consumed a lot of resources with several of its processes and im wondering if you guys could tell me what active processes are created when Comodo Internet Security is installed and, if possible, their memory consumption on average.

Hey Luanme welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Comodo is extremely light on resources, fast on scanning. (See the screen shot) Pay attention to cmdagent.exe it’s the core process, CFP.exe is the GUI ( graphical user interface)
Either one of those combinations are pretty good, Though I wouldn’t replace Defense+ with threatfire!

I would suggest that you choose what ever is comfortable for you, I would choose Comodo with it’s full features and install Avira free for on demand scanning. (So you can right click certain files and scan them manually, or scan the full system every week or so)

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Wow! I’m astounded at the little resources that CIS was using from the screenshot. Just wondering, were all it’s features active?
Anyways, thanks for the great help.

:wink: They are all it’s features. Firewall,Defense+,Antivirus are all contained in cmdagent.exe when doing a complete scan on my system the mem usage doesn’t ever go above 22,000k.

Oh, i also forgot to ask, do CIS and BOClean interfere with each other?

i don’t think so :slight_smile:

Another thing:
I’ve read that when installing CIS you get the option of installing the safesurf toolbar which includes the modified toolbar and safesurf. What is the difference between safesurf and BOClean?

BOClean & safesurf is completely different.
BOClean is an antimalware.
safesurf is anti Buffer overflow (similar to CMF) (:NRD)

Oh, I see,
Would it be better to get the safesurf that comes with CIS or to just get the comodo memory firewall?
And (sorry about continuously asking this) CMF is compatible with CIS right?

CMF provides system wide buffer over flow where as safesurf is focused on the browser. CMF is a very difficult peice of code and their can be some instabilities at the moment, The choice is yours.