Hey I need help each time I run a Virus scan or a Spyware scan or waht everscan the Computer slows down then shuts off, It’ does it with every Scanner I have I need help ASAP


Please read and do/supply as much as you can in:

Also have you tried to see if online scans work such as " Kaspersky Free & Trial Downloads - Virus Protection 2023 | Kaspersky ". If the kaspersky one runs, please post the results here. It will not remove anything, but we don’t need it to…

  1. What operating system do you use? (i.e. Windows 2000, XP) Windows XP SP2
  2. What service pack is your Operating System patched up to? SP2
    a) Is the Operating System patched up-to-date?Yes
  3. What Real-time virus product(s) are you using?CA Antivirus
    a) If any, what version? Is it the latest?Yes it’s the latest
  4. What Firewall software/hardware are you running?Windows
    a) If any, what version? Is it the latest?
  5. What symptoms have you seen? I don’t get this question
  6. What antivirus/antispyware program do you use? CA AntiVirus,
    a)Did your antivirus/antispyware program pick anything up?I can’t fiinish It, it shuts down
    b)If so what did it detect?
    c)What directory did it detect it in, and what is the filename?

Optional but Helpful information

  1. Post your Hijackthis results (see instructions below)
    {See Attached txt file}

  2. Have you visited any places that you think you have have got this from. IE: Adult sites, file sharing programs, Illegal software. Since this is the internet, and we don’t know who you are i am sure this won’t be a problem. I dont think so

  3. If you are getting pop-ups or “buy this”, “buy that” popups take note of the following and post them:Nope
    a)The site that shows a product that you did not as to go to (Redirected to).
    b)And popups saying you have “XYZ virus, please download/buy X product” . We need to know the name of the product (X) it wants you to buy.

  4. What scans have you run so far? Well I gave up because It kept shutting down

[attachment deleted by admin]

Your HijackThis log is not complete. The last part of the log is missing. Please scan again with HijackThis and post the complete log.

Greetz, Red.

{See attached HJT log}

It’ says it’s complete

[attachment deleted by admin]

I am sorry, but it is not complete. The last part of the log is missing. For example all 023 service items are missing.

Greetz, Red.

I"m sorry here it is

[attachment deleted by admin]

Everyone: I know you don’t know this, but please don’t post HJT logs. Instead, upload them as text attachments to make your posts easier to read. I updated the instructions on the other thread.

I think these are suspicious:

O9 - Extra button: (no name) - {CD67F990-D8E9-11d2-98FE-00C0F0318AFE} - (no file) O4 - Startup: PowerReg Scheduler V3.exe

Please put hijackthis.exe in a folder of its own IE : C:\Hijackthis .Then run it and post the log as an attachment.

Soya I realize this is an unanswered thread, however the two entries you listed are 100% legit.

the 09 entry is related to Real Player/Real networks
The 04 Entry is a Registration reminder. Usually is installed when software for new hardware is run.

Thanks for the explanation, The_Dragon.

I notice from the HT log that you are running CA Internet Security Suite. Are you running two firewalls at the same time CGPMaster?

Also, it may be worth checking what your CPU usage is for IPMon32.exe as this file has been reported as consuming a lot of system resources.

Other than this I can see no suspicious entries in the log.


no I use CA for Virus Scanning, I know it kinda sucks but It’s ok,

I’ll check on the other thing you said to check on

Please put hijackthis.exe in a folder of its own IE : C:\Hijackthis .Then run it and post the log as an attachment.

This is NOT a duplicate post, there is good reason for this. Please do it, if you are still concerned/ have not resolved the issue.