Need for a comment box

There needs to be a place to comment on the submission form so we can tell you what the issue is with the file we are submitting.

I just submitted one that is most likely a virus - Result: 37/41 (90.25%) from VirusTotal - but there was no way to tell you that fact.

(This comment may need to be moved elsewhere, but I don’t know where that would be.)


Hello SFSecurity;

My thought on the subject
I believe that Comodo Shouldn’t depend on a simple third-party test. They should investigate them selves in-case that Company A,B,C says that File D is Ok, but Comodo Finds It Malware… (If that what is you are saying)


Actually what I was saying is that there is no way to comment, not that Comodo shouldn’t verify on its own. I would think that a report from VirusTotal would be useful information to add to the knowledge needed to work with. Knowing what discovered the file in question would give a bit of a warning about it. If (x) detected it but we know that they are not very good it might well be a false positive, etc.

Information is gold when working in the dark, as we are with computers. There is too much complexity for any one person, or even a group, to know it all. That’s why we have zero day exploits. Somebody it twiddling around and has a “bright” idea, tries it, and, lo and behold, it didn’t work they way they thought it should. Oh boy, ;D


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I didn’t know the intention of this “comment box” but so far i would aggree with it, Not sure if the dev would or not…



They have a comment box if you submit malware through this site.

Comodo Malware Analysis

Why they make it so difficult to submit through the application itself is anybodies guess. A comment box would be useful.