Need firewall help with Re-installing.... [Resolved]

I was using the firewall on my Compaq Presario (piece of junk computer by the way -it’s a long story…) with no problems for a month or so. I had some problems with the preinstalled software from Compaq so I had to do a reinstallation with Compaq’s recovery disks. When I got it going again the Comodo firewall would not work (although it showed to be installed, it would open up but would not let me enable anything). I tried downloading it and reinstalling, but when I try to reinstall it gives me a message that states that the firewall is already installed and asks if I want to uninstall. I tried uninstalling, but it still will never let me install the firewall, it keeps stating that it is already installed. I had the same problem with another program and I had to manually delete all files associated with that program (and then it installed and worked fine - it’s something to do with compaq’s backup system when I reinstalled the OS) . How can I manually delete all files associated with comodo so I can reinstall? BTTW, I’m running XP home edition.

Welcome the forum, mrvmax.

Try pandlouk’s uninstaller.

Worked great, thanks. Now I’m running Comodo again!

Splendid! :SMLR