Need Comodo 5 Final 64 bit

hi :P0l Comodo :P0l

i looking for comodo 5 Final with FireWall , defense , sandBox
64 Bit

i like Comodo 5 Final for i can watch all traffic

This is an official online installer for last version in series 5 i.e 5.12.

You will get the option to select that you want to download & install.

thanks brother :slight_smile:

free version with FireWall and Defens please :slight_smile:

When you run the installer, be sure to choose “Customize Installer” (under the install button in the UI) and then you can choose what you want to install.

Yes, free version.

Its app 2 MB file.

Run it, you will get the option to select FW, AV, etc…

Whatever you will select will be downloaded & installed.

Thank You L.A.R. Grizzly :slight_smile:

Thanks you naren :slight_smile:

Welcome Bro

           how can add 

It is described under Protected Files and Folders.

How long can 5.12 be used on a windows 7 computer please.?


I expect for quite a while. First of all it has the same av database format as v6.x. Second Comodo supports old formats for a long time. At the moment the databases for v4.x and later are still provided as can be seen in Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

Thank you eric.