Need cfpres.dll FAST!!! [Resolved]

I need uninstall COMODO firewall really fast!
To uninstall it i need file cfpres.dll which is missing.
Please respond i need this file!!!


There should be one in program files\Comodo\Firewall\Repair, but if it’s also gone, you can download it from here:


I did get this file from one guy yestorday so now everything is cool.
I uninstalled firewall then restarted comp then cleaned registry and deleted COMODO folder and then installed it and restarted comp.
By the way the repair file didn’t work for some reason.

I registered so that I could reply to this post. I also noticed that my firewall didn’t start one morning and when i tried to start it manually this file was missing. I could not repair it and I could not uninstall it because this file was missing. So I just downloaded it and now it is working fine again. I just wonder what happened to it. Was it a virus or something that deleted it because virtumonde was caught trying to install itself on my comp by spywaresweeper. So i did a virus scan and found a couple trojans. Even with a firewall and 3 spyware sweepers and antivirus these are getting on my computer. All i did was read some forums from wowinsider since last scan too. Any way thanks for the help. (:NRD)

I encountered this issue of the “disappearing” cfpres.dll when I first performed a clean installation of CFP v.295 a few days ago.

When it occurred, I remembered seeing this post and the availability of this DLL from CFP’s “Repair” folder. I copied it into the program folder, and ran the Diagnostic utility. It reported problems, and repaired them.

I rebooted and all seemed well. I imported my settings from the previous installation of v.277.

The next day, I booted up my T43, and it would never boot past a screen that verifies the status of a security chip, resulting in an endless loop that required a hard shut-down.

Long story short: It was not until I reverted back to a clean installation of .277, and then updated to v.295 using the CFP’s own updater that the issue was resolved.

Meanwhile, the mystery continues of why cfpres.dll disappears…

Thanks for the help! I did find cfpres.dll under Repair & copied it over to the main folder. So far so good :BNC

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